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2011/03/28 Mon

idea came when I saw this Netto guy from Rockman EXE (no I don't play Rockman series tho) and I used to think that Ruby/Brendan's hair was like that until last year I realized it's actually a hat, I wonder if that kind of hat do exist irl tho.. ' A 'a



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my friend told me that they sell 5th gen Pokemon plushies on Australia hnggggg I want Pokabu and Mijumaru so bad..



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OMG I thought I wasn't the only one who've thought of that for a long time~<3 I was a fan of that MegaMan Battle Network games when I once have a Gameboy Advance SP back in my highshool days (man how I missed those days). But that is when I first knew about Brendan in the Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire games, I always he looks a lot like Netto and thought that was his hair. I mean, I have a thing over white-haired guys (they're always the badass ones imo) btw. ^q^ But it be cool if he was white-haired though lol. *shot* But actually, I think this is the second time you did out of the whole Netto-Brendan lookalike joke. O.o But I can't remember where the fanart is anymore lol (it was somewhere in DA I swear).

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IKR!? I don't actually play Megaman Battle Network or any of their games but I stumbled upon Pixiv and saw this guy (oh I knew him tho I used to watch my friend playing this) then this idea popped up in my head then yeah..
but true. Brendan/Ruby would be cool with white hair! *__*


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