result of my rants haha

2011/11/29 Tue

rendered and modeled in Autodesk Maya, I'm glad that the semester is over but too bad my lecturer looks unsatisfied with my works haha I'm so lazy with 3D things


2011/10/21 Fri

also hello new blog layout

now this is a rant

2011/10/09 Sun

damn this thing is so hard I don't even-- :'|
I actually don't have any interest in doing 3D stuffs, at first I thought it doesn't hurt to try but then I'm like FUCK EVERYTHING.
Picture 1
yeah at first I thought Autodesk Maya would be a cool program but then the software turns out to be boring and pretty hard too..I want 3DS Max now but our major only allows us to use this program sobs ;;
Picture 2
even my robot drawing is not even proportional to model in 3D so I have to re-modify all the shapes so it can fit each other and this thing must be submitted next 2 weeks oh God, lol sorry for the rant entry.. orz

not really a rant

2011/09/21 Wed

my sleeping schedule was uncontrollable, I'm even sleeping 15+ hours to fix it up then woke up around 3-5am then having some food to eat, the only food I have are noodles since all the food counters are closed, my life is getting unhealthy but I'll just hang in there then fixing it myself. And once again my diet operation FAILS

2011/08/18 Thu

to be honest.. I envy my last year self for being really passionate in drawing


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