blog filling

2012/05/25 Fri

drew this for a reblog with your animal crossing char(?) according your birthday date thing, I didn't know that it was an animal CROSSING so I drew this and I thought it look somehow decent so I'll just put it here hahaha,actually I almost reblogged this on tumblr but then thank goodness it didn't appear on my dash which means the post is not saved yet so I deleted it, haha that was embarrassing /////;;

Cressida Cowell's HTTYD

2012/04/09 Mon

I started read HTTYD novel that I borrow from a friend today and it was so much different than the movie. Well, the movie says it was based on the novel which doesn't mean it has to be the same thing after all..but I like how the novel is giving more tense than the movie so far :D


2012/01/03 Tue

it's been quite a while eh?? not really in a mood of doodling ever since PLUS (an illustration project with friends) was pretty interesting though and it's pretty much effective to kill artblocks
that 48 hours Spongebob-a-thon entertained me much when my internet was not here,so I drew this as my appreciation or idk hahahah!! it's been 8 years since I watch Spongebob episodes and I still love it! now this tempts me to draw cartoons again C:

for micchi

2011/11/26 Sat

Dave and John (Homestuck) for micchi! sorry I couldn't draw them being bros enough ; 7 ;

industrial robots

2011/08/08 Mon


some industrial robot design for 3D modeling class, either simple or complicated..idek how to 3D later oh well :'{


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